F&S Ukraine

In this series of podcasts, Richard Stupart talks to a range of people and organisations involved in journalism and journalist safety about the things freelancers need to know in order to navigate reporting in Ukraine more safely.

Episode 1 // Accreditation and Logistics

In this episode of Fixers & Stringers Ukraine, Richard Stupart talks to Ukrainian journalist Andrii Degeler about the process of obtaining press accreditation in Ukraine, connecting with others in the country and the logistics of travelling safely towards the east.

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Episode 2 // Free Press Unlimited

In this episode, Richard Stupart talks to Leon Willems and Jantine van Herwijnen from Free Press Unlimited about safety training and and equipment, managing trauma and some of the dangers facing reporters in Ukraine.

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About Richard Stupart

Richard is an assistant professor at the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Groningen. His doctoral research work was on the norms and practices of journalists working in South Sudan. His current work is on the norms and practices of bearing witness by journalists in geopolitically marginal conflicts, as well as the role of affect/emotion in the work of journalists under pressure. He also pursues interests in media and development, the sociology of humanitarianism, conflict and representation, and post-conflict archive-building.