• Book Review: The Dark Side of News Fixing
    The review of Syed Irfan Ashraf’sThe Dark Side of News Fixing: The Culture and Political Economy of Global Media in Pakistan and Afghanistan (London: Anthem Press, 2022, 240 pp., ISBN ISBN:9781839981371) was originally published in Mass Communication and Society. This version is the Accepted Manuscript. The work of fixers, local media professionals often hired to … Read more
  • Fixers & Stringers Newsletter 2
    The Fixers & Stringers research project – focused on the collaboration among journalists, media organizations, fixers, producers, and stringers – got to its second half and finally has brought some tangible results! I am happy to share these with you in this newsletter, as well as an invitation to a free workshop. What you will … Read more
  • The epistemic injustice in conflict reporting: Reporters and ‘fixers’ covering Ukraine, Israel, and Palestine
    By Johana Kotišová, available here. This paper investigates the epistemic injustice in conflict reporting, where foreign parachute reporters collaborate with local producers and ‘fixers.’ Drawing from existing research on ‘fixers’ and other media professionals covering conflict zones and the philosophy of emotion and knowledge, I address the following questions: What is the role of local … Read more
  • Decolonizing Conflict Journalism Studies: A Critical Review of Research on Fixers
    By Johana Kotišová and Mark Deuze, available here. This paper offers a critical review of scholarly research on fixers, the local collaborators of foreign correspondents, in conflict reporting. Based on a thematic analysis of work that addresses news fixing, we summarize what we know about fixers in conflict zones while using postcolonial lens to further … Read more
  • Fixers & Stringers Newsletter 1
    Fixers & Stringers: Why should you care? Mass media provide full coverage of conflicts worldwide. However, little is knownabout the locals working behind the scenes assisting foreign media. The EU-funded Fixers and Stringers project investigates forms of precarity experienced and emotional labour performed by mainly fixers and stringers working for foreign media in two conflict … Read more